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The condition of women is the mirror of cultural, moral & social circumstances of any era. The place of women was at the top in the human community whether it was spiritual, political, moral or scientific arena. But as the time passed unethical customs put woman in abysmal state.

To promote the women various Government and non government organization conduct programs to improve the condition of women. No doubt today the women have got various privileges but still there is much to left. Even today there is poverty, illiteracy, discrimination among women In rural areas .The Dowry is still one of the major concern and girl foeticide is growing with leaps and bounds.

At the time of Lord Krishna, Kannsh killed only one baby girl, but in today’s world there is female infanticide by kannsh at every third house, even if she survives she suffers from humiliation, discrimination, abuse from every corner every day. Even our rituals are against daughters. No celebration is organized on the birth of a girl.

More than 40% of the women population in this world has failed to gain the position they deserve. So it is high time that women should arise from this situation by strengthing themselves, they should regain their self esteem and show the courage to lead.

Samvedna – a foundation is an attempt to empower women, to improve their lifestyle, to provide adequate medical facility to them, and to arrange resources for their education, so that they can lead an esteemed life. If you are with us, togeather we should rise against the women abusement and try to help them.



Samvedna is a non-profit organization registered under the Societies’ Registration Act of 1860. We were set up in 2008, and started conducting awareness campaign on women welfare and prevent the increasing feticides. It has started raising resources to empower women and provide relief to them through various interventions.


  • We advocate with national & local government to bring about the policies that is beneficial to the women.
  • We make society aware about the concerns related to female feticide and the importance of women.
  • We help the poor children to support them in study and for their better future so that they are able to play an active role in society.”